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13W PAR 38 PAR38 LED light bulb lamp 980 lumen replace 100W warm


Our brightest PAR38 LED lamp! Latest product on the market. This PAR38 light bulb uses 42 pieces of high efficiency 0.3W SMD (Surface Mount Device) LEDs to produce as much light as 600 pieces of common top view LEDs. Due to it's surface mount design, the heat dissipation is more efficient and that translate into more power output and longer life. At its peak efficiency, it produces over 65 lumens per watt, which is about 8X more efficient as incandescent bulbs and 1.5x more efficient than a compact fluorescent bulb! This is the ultimate power saving light bulb! It also lasts over 50,000 hours. If you keep it on 8 hours a day, 365 days a year, it won't burn out in 17 years! Please refer to the household lighting technology comparison table for the benefit of switching to LED lighting

This LED bulb produces a 2800K warm white color similar to incandescent light bulbs. It's also available in other light colors. Red, Blue, Green and Yellow are custom order only. It will take about 2 weeks to make these special colors.

This PAR38 light bulb can be installed by anyone into any common E26 medium screw socket(the most common socket in the US and Canada). Due to the aluminum heat sink, this lamp is rather heavy (about 2.8 lbs.). Please check the size of your fixture to see if this PAR38 can fit before you order. The height of this lamp is 5.31" and the max diameter is 4.57". Please switch off the power when you install!

Comparison of common household lighting technology:

  Incandescent light bulbs Fluorescent tubes and compact fluorescent light bulbs LED light bulbs
light emission principle high temperature tungsten filament emits visible light along with infrared(heat) lightwaves electron excited mercury vapor emits UV, which is absorbed by phosphor and re-emit as visible light Electrolumninescence
Efficiency Very low, only 3%~8% energy converted to light. most wasted as heat higher, between 10%~20% energy converted to light. The rest wasted as heat Highest, 20%~45% energy converted to light
Lifespan short, 1000~2000 hours 10000 hours 50000~100000 hours
Cost to acquire around $1 (for a 40W bulb) around $3 (for a 9W CFL bulb that's equivalent to 40W incandescent) around $17 (for a 4.4W SMD LED bulb equivalent to 40W incandescent)
Cost to maintain over 20 year period (8 hrs/day) $59 in replacement bulbs (59 bulbs)
$467 in electricity (0.2/KWh)
total: $526
$15 in replacement bulbs (5 bulbs)
$105 in electricity (0.2/KWh)
total: $120
$0 in replacement bulb (still working)
$51 in electricity (0.2/KWh)
Total: $51
Total carbon emission over 20 years* (8 hrs/day) 3130 pounds of Carbon Dioxide for a single light bulb 704 pounds of Carbon Dioxide 344 pounds of Carbon Dioxide
Safety danger of burning skin when hot and may cause fire in household highly toxic mercury vapor! None, completely safe. won't burn fingers when touched. Nontoxic
Environmental impact lots of burnt out bulbs become garbage, difficult to recycle. Lots of wasted electricity= more carbon emmision Mercury leak. Special handling and recycle required Very little. You only need to replace it twice or 3 times in your lifetime. Nontoxic. Highest efficiency means less wasted energy and less carbon emmissions
Sturdiness Fragile, sensitive to water and uneven temperature Fragile, sensitive to voltage fluctuations and frequent on/off rugged and robust. Suited for use under extreme conditions.
Instant on & Flicker Instant on, flicker free takes 5 to 10 minutes to reach peak output, may flicker nad cause eye strain and headache Instant on, flicker free
Easy to find? Everywhere Everywhere Hard to find in your local stores, but you can always order from us. We offer best price and quality, as well as fast and even free shipping(when you order $50 or more)
*It's estimated currently in the US there's 1.34lb of CO2 released into atmosphere per every KWh electricity generated. This figure might drop as we switch to renewable energy.

Detailed Specifications:
Socket: Common household medium screw base (E26)
Volts: 85~250V auto sensing. Works in North America and Europe
Watts: 13.3W (12.6W consumed by LEDs, 0.7W consumed by circuits)
Lumens: 980
Equivalent Incandescent bulb wattage 75~100W
LEDs: 42 pieces of high power 0.3w SMD, 2800K warm white
Usage: Down light, spot light
Size: 5.31" H x 4.57" Dia. (13.5cm H x 11.6cm Dia.)
Warranty: 2 Years (it should last at least 10 years under normal usage)

****Please be aware that many stores sell LED light bulbs that claim to replace 40W or even 60W light bulbs. You need to look into detailed specs and see what's the total lumen output because that's the only thing matters. Don't be fooled by the number of LEDs in the light bulb. Some cheaper LED bulb uses 60 or even 80 LEDs yet only put out less than 200 lumens, while other professional LED bulbs use only a few high power LEDs and put out 500 or even 1000 lumens. The wattage of the LED bulbs are misleading as well. We once found a big chain store selling a 4W LED light bulb made by GE, yet in the fine print it can only product 100 lumens. At 25 lumens/Watt, it's not even as efficient as a compact fluorescent light bulb that costs 5 times less. So please find out what's the total lumen output of the LED product before you buy!


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